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La Pizza Loca

1470 Pacific Ave

Long Beach location.

I ordered a gigante pepperoni pizza at 7:27 pm from their online website. At about 8:30 the pizza arrives and after taking it inside, I discover that the pizza is not pepperoni it is cheese. Ok, that's problem but we wanted pepperoni and paid a little extra for it so I decided to call and get them to send the correct pizza. They put me on hold 4 times to discuss the situation with the manager instead of just putting the manager on the phone. Then they begin telling me "it's not their fault, that's how they received the order so the won't correct it". How is that not their fault? My receipt clearly says pepperoni! So, I ask for a refund because at this point it was just the horrible customer service and unwillingness to correct their mistake. They tell me they won't refund my money (because at this point everyone was hungry and someone stole 2 pieces out of the gigante cheese) and that they won't replace it but instead will send me a large pepperoni. I say okay that's kind of ridiculous but I guess that will have to do. Fast forward we wait until 9:55 pm and still no pizza and no word from them. We decide to call and see what the deal was and they tell us once again that it's not their fault and either we can wait another hour or forget it. But that a refund is out of the question. What?! Seriously? We live literally 1.1 miles away from this place! When I told the "manager" that we would be contacting his supervisor, he tried to backtrack and offered to send me the large pepperoni the following day.. I declined and let them keep the extra money we paid for the pepperoni and the tip money. This establishment is just awful to try and argue that it

was my fault that they got the order wrong.. And then to lie and say they will send a smaller pizza..? Horrible customer service and I know I shouldn't have expect much since its a not a very highly rated place but I was just astonished at the lack of liability and straight up disrespectful attitude from the manager, Juan Rivera. I will definitely not be ordering from this place again and will strongly recommend to all of my friends and family to steer clear of la pizza loca. On a side note, the pizza was super under cooked and had barely any cheese on it. Bad experience with management and ordering aside, the pizza was not good. I don't know if all locations are like this but the pacific avenue one was bland and tasteless.

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